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Crawl Space Encapsulation in Sandpoint, Idaho

John B. Bought this home in Sandpoint with water flowing through the crawl space. John reached out to our company to redirect the water outside the home and seal the crawl space to make it a cleaner and a more user friendly space. Since installing his system John has enjoyed a dry, clean crawl space without any worry of water intrusion. 

Crawl Space Water Proofing in Spokane, Washington

Jon L. reached out to our company through our website because they had water coming in and needed help to make the crawl space more user-friendly for storage. Our Office was able to get Jon scheduled with an appointment for a technician to come assess. 


When our technician Brandon C. went out, he found the crawl space had black plastic down that was freely moving around with water underneath. Brandon recommended installing CleanSpace and Drainage Matting as well as a Triple Safe sump pump. CleanSpace is a heavy 20 mil-thick-liner - like a pool liner. It is manufactured in 7 layers - a blend of high density polyethylene for puncture resistance, low density polyethylene for flexibility, and polyester cord reinforcement for brute tear resistance. The white finish really brightens your crawl space and allows you to easily see that your crawl space is free of mold, insects, and dirt. Drainage Matting adds durability and puncture resistance (great for covering rocky soil too), creates air space that acts as a thermal break giving some insulation value, and provides a comfortable cushioning for your knees when crawling on it. The Triple Safe is a three pump system that takes care of three issues; pump failure, a single pump being unable to handle the volume of hard or heavy rain, and power failure. 


Jon L. will now be able to freely move around in his clean protected crawl space and use the space more effectively without the added stress during those rainy times. 

Waterproofing a Half Basement Half Crawl Space in Spokane, Washington

Belina originally reached out because she had water coming into her basement and crawl space. She wanted to be able to fix the water intrusion issue while making the space more accessible and clean. She is now able to enjoy a water free basement and crawl space!

Spokane Washington Basement waterproofing system

Ms S purchased the home and discovered there was water in the basement causing mold growth. Sadly, due to the situation she wasn't able to move in right away. We were able to install an interior patented WaterGuard and CleanSpace wall system, along with a TripleSafe Sump Pump, that dealt with the water intrusion, eliminating the source of the mold. A solution for not only her home but also her health. 

Crawl Space Repair in Coeur d'Alene

We were contacted by this customer because he was concerned about cold floors and a strong odor coming from his crawlspace. Upon inspection, he was having a ground water issue. After offering several solutions to address his concerns, the customer decided to incorporate CleanSpace crawl space vapor barrier, drainage matting, wall insulation, and a SmartSump pump system. He is very happy with the finished product and can now enjoy piece of mind.

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