Radon Mitigation Cost

Radon Mitigation Cost Near Coeur d'Alene, Spokane, Post Falls

A radon inspection is important to determine accurate radon mitigation costs –and to ensure a top-quality job

Avoid these common mistakes with radon mitigation costs

  • “Ballpark” costs.
  • Costs given over the phone.
  • Costs provided without a radon inspection.
  • Costs provided by any contractor who is not a certified, licensed radon mitigation professional.
  • Hiring the contractor who provides the lowest estimate.

Radon is an important issue. This source of cancer-causing radiation has the attention of homeowners, health officials, real estate agents, mortgage lenders and building inspectors.

If a radon test reveals hazardous concentrations of radon in your home, it’s important to contact an experienced radon mitigation specialist to take care of this health risk.

How much does radon mitigation cost? The answer depends on many factors.

Because many communities have a number of contractors who provide radon abatement services, homeowners often encounter a broad price range for installing a radon mitigation system.

After all, these contractors are competing against each other for your business. While price competition is good, it can also lead to choices that homeowners come to regret.

The cost of a radon mitigation system depends on a number of factors, and this is why it’s unwise to price out a radon mitigation system without a radon inspection.

Three reasons to schedule a radon inspection

  1. Take all foundation & construction details into consideration.
    Radon enters the house through the foundation, and every house has unique foundation details. Some houses even have more than one foundation (a basement plus a crawl space or slab, for example). The size and type(s) of foundation will factor in system cost. So will details like sump pumps, drainage and waterproofing features, and the location of fixed equipment like the furnaces and water heater. If part of the basement is finished and used as living space, this will also affect cost by placing constraints on where plastic tubing can be installed. An experienced radon mitigation contractor understands the importance of identifying all of these factors to arrive at an accurate, honest price estimate.
  2. Make important decisions about where your pipe and fan will be located.
    The main ingredients in a typical radon mitigation system are large-diameter plastic pipe and an in-line fan. The low-bidding contractor may need to install the pipe and fan in a very visible location outside your house in order to make money on the job. You really don’t want a continuously operating fan next to a bedroom window, or a plastic pipe near your front entry door. A more experienced, better-trained radon mitigation contractor will give you options for running the pipe inside the house and up through the roof, or in less visible locations outside the house. The cost may be slightly higher because of longer pipe runs, but you’ll definitely appreciate the better appearance and quieter operation.
  3. Get reassurance about professionalism & safety.
    Hiring a contractor based on a phone interview or phone price isn’t something that most homeowners want to do. Any contractor who wants to earn your business should be willing to come to your house and spend time with you. A radon inspection can provide you with the reassurance that you’ll be getting the results you want from a contractor you can trust.

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