Radon Mitigation System

Radon Mitigation System Installation Near Coeur d'Alene, Spokane, Post Falls

Why manage radon?

  • Leading cause of cancer in non-smokers
  • Colorless, odorless gas
  • Accrues in any building, particularly older facilities
  • EPA recommends mitigating high radon concentrations

Premier Basement Systems offers free home consultations for radon mitigation and radon removal in the home. When you contact us for radon services, one of our radon mitigation specialists will schedule a convenient meeting time to discuss your options.

After arriving, the specialist will perform a detailed Structural Analysis and Design Survey, which will explain the specifics of successful mitigation and help identify the right solution for your home. Call or contact us today for a free radon mitigation quote!

Installation of a radon mitigation system

Our radon experts receive thorough training on proper installation practices for effective radon mitigation systems, ensuring they capture and evacuate radon safely.

At Premier Basement Systems, we are fully licensed to complete all radon tasks while complying with all of the radon gas industry’s recommended practices. We will provide the highest quality solutions available.

Because every home is unique, the radon mitigation system will be designed based on your home’s individual structure. Homes are typically characterized by foundation design, as the basement, crawl space, or slab all play a determining role in the radon mitigation system installed.

Controlling radon buildup

Radon mitigation and testing in Coeur d'Alene and Spokane

Mitigating radon is very important to avoid the potential health risks of such a dangerous radioactive substance. The biggest factor that contributes to radon intrusion is the stack effect, which describes how air flows from the bottom of the home upwards and finally is exhaled out the attic and roof. This effect essentially causes any radon gas to be pulled up into the conditioned spaces of the home.

By effectively rerouting radon gas through a mitigation system, you can prevent the accrual of radon in your home’s conditioned spaces. A radon mitigation system will capture intruding radon, channel it away from you and your family, and safely release it outside the structure of your home.

Steps to mitigating radon

  • Redirection of radon gas by boring into the surrounding soil to create a suction point
  • Venting the radon away from the home via an attic or top mounted fan
  • Sealing of radon penetration points to prevent further intrusion
  • Final systems check
  • Re-examination within 30 days of installation

We know that radon gas control and mitigation isn’t a typical household expense, and we will work with your budget to make sure you get the most bang for the buck with your investment. We provide several payment options for your convenience.

Create a safer and healthier home environment today with our professional radon mitigation services! Call or contact Premier Basement Systems to schedule a free quote for a radon mitigation system. We offer our services throughout Idaho and Washington, including Spokane, Coeur d'Alene, Post Falls, Sandpoint, Hayden, Cheney, Veradale, Rathdrum, Deer Park, Mead, and the neighboring areas.

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