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Premier Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Hayden. Learn more about Premier Basement Systems's recent work requests in Hayden and nearby areas!

Learn more about Premier Basement Systems, Inc.'S recent work requests in Hayden, ID
Vicinity of N. Maple St. in Hayden
Radon level measurements 17.1. Would like a quote and an appointment to discuss. Three level home. Basement finished, crawl space, and two levels above ground.
Vicinity of N Atwater St in Hayden
We need a radon test - been in the home for 2.5 years - home built in 2005. A test to our knowledge has never been done. Call us at anytime to give us a quote.
Vicinity of E Moen Road in Hayden
If crawl space is properly insulated. Have draft near kitchen cabinets.
Vicinity of N Avondale Loop in Hayden
Remodeling finished basement. Some leakage. Want to put in water guard along one wall.
Vicinity of N. Emerald Dr. in Hayden
I need a quote to install a mitigation system.
Vicinity of WOODSTONE CT. in Hayden
Radon testing
Vicinity of N Valley Way in Hayden
History of home with incr. radon level. tri-level home with partially under ground basement, balance of house with very accessible crawl space. family members experiencing headaches, light headedness.
Vicinity of E Hayden Lake Rd in Hayden
Purchased a Radon test kit from one of the local home improvement stores. Short term test done for 96 hours. Results came back at 13 pCi/L. Test was done in a walkout basement. Obviously concerned with this reading. Would like know what are next steps should be. If a mitigation system is needed, then what costs are involved? Have a sump with a fan that does draw out some air. When we purchased the home the levels were high and the sellers had a suction fan set-up in place already with the sump pump. This fan was not working and was replaced and this lowered the levels. That was 2 years ago.
Vicinity of E Chesapeake Ct in Hayden
Looking for an estimate on a radon mitigation system for a multi-level home with basement.
Vicinity of Fitzue in Hayden
Buying home that has radon level of 36. need a quote to mitigate. please email quote only, do not call. thank you
Vicinity of W. Orchard Ave in Hayden
We have a high radon gas level in our home and would like to get a quote on mediation
Vicinity of Blackberry Loop in Hayden
We put a radon detector in the basement. The reading was 42.5 the house has a passive system installed by the builder. the home is 6 years old.
Vicinity of Country Club Dr in Hayden
Radon mitigation system install quote
Vicinity of N Sherwwod Ct in Hayden
Musty smell in crawl space and in the house when furnace is on. (furnace is in crawl)
Vicinity of W Honeysuckle in Hayden
I am listing a home that has severe cracks in basement foundation and one wall is buckeled. Would like to get estimate on costs for repair so we can make sure buyers are aware. Also to know if the foundation is secure or needs repair.
Vicinity of Forest in Hayden
Radon tested high at 34 PPM in the basement level of the Hayden Home that I am looking to purchase. I would like to get an inspection and quote with a contractor out at the home site.
Vicinity of Kensington Avenue in Hayden
We want to put in egress windows to make two bedrooms in our basement.
Vicinity of N. Strahorn Road in Hayden
We are remodeleing a 1964 home. We did a home radon test (2 yrs ago)for the basement that showed a number (not sure what that is). My husband ran a pipe out the roof of the house through the garage. We may be selling our home and would like to see what else needs to be done, if anything thing. We may just need another test. Thank you, Jackie
Vicinity of West Blueberry in Hayden
Would like to receive an estimate for radon testing at my home. Thank you.
Vicinity of N Torrey Ln in Hayden
I have tested our home twice, both tests were high. I would like an estimate to put in the mitigation system. I have a 2100 SF California split home, so 700 SF is above a 3 foot crawl. The other 700 is on a foundation, with a second story.
Vicinity of E. Avondale Lane in Hayden
We did a home test and found high levels of radon. Considering a professional test and then mitigation if needed.
Vicinity of E. Hudlow Rd in Hayden
After heavy rains we get several inches of standing water in certain portions of our crawl this normal? is there a solution?
Vicinity of E Garwood Rd in Hayden
We just moved into a 10 year old home in Hayden. We are starting to notice a musty smell in the basement and discovered the carpet is damp. We are planning to remove that carpet within the next few days. Can you show us some dry solutions soon? Perhaps early next week?
Vicinity of E Round Up Circle in Hayden
I called and left a msg, Here is my name and address. Please call me so we can set an appointment to quote this job. Thank You, Luke

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